How To Change Hotmail Password

To access your Hotmail Inbox or any other Microsoft services, simply you need to do Hotmail Login by entering your email and password provided at the time of creating an account. It’s obvious that everyone has own unique Login ID which identifies them distinct from others and prevents anonymous logging in to the other’s account rather than one’s own account. So, one can’t change their Hotmail username/email/Login ID after creating a new Hotmail account, but can able to change Hotmail Password desirably.
How To Change Hotmail Password
How To Change Hotmail Password
Perhaps, there are many reasons for which you would like to change Hotmail password such as you are afraid that you have accidentally given your Hotmail account password to someone or you might have forgotten to sign out from an unknown computer. No matter what are your reasons, you can easily change Hotmail password using the below step-by-step guide.
In this article, I will show you the guide on How to change Hotmail password with the complete steps. So, by following the below guide you can easily change Hotmail password on iPad and retain your privacy again. Without any further ado, let’s get started with the guide!

Steps on How To Change Hotmail Password

Step 1: Go to the Hotmail Login page and enter your valid credentials to access your Hotmail account.
Step 2: Click on the “Settings icon” situated at the top right hand side corner to get a drop-down list. From the open list, choose the “Options” menu.
Change Hotmail Password
Step 3: Now, click on “Account details (password, addresses, and time zone)” found Under the “Manage your Account” heading to see all your Microsoft account details.
Reset Hotmail Password
Step 4: The Microsoft Account page is divided into two panes. The left hand side shows various options to manage your Account settings and the right hand side shows the contents of the currently selected option.
Step 5: Now, click on the “Security & password” option appears on the left navigation pane to open-up your security and password details.
Step 6: On the right navigation pane, find and click on a link with a text saying “change your password“.
Hotmail Password Change
Step 7: Finally, a page will open from where you can change Hotmail password. For that, you just need to enter current and new password in the text box and click on “Save” button.
Change Reset Hotmail Password
Step 8: That’s it, you’re done with the procedure.
So, this is how you can change Hotmail password on Android easily. I hope the above guide clears all your doubts. Well, if you are having any trouble in changing your Hotmail password then you contact us using the comments box below.
In case, if you have forgotten Hotmail password or you want to reset Hotmail password without alternate email or without security answer then you must go through this guide to get it solved.

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